We Create Custom Whiteboard Animation and Explainer Videos For Virtually Any Niche and Offer A 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Our Professionally Crafted, Agency Quality Videos Will Help Build Your Brand While Increasing Sales, Conversions and Engagement.

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We create unique, engaging and interactive whiteboard animation videos that are custom tailored around your brand and product or service. We also offer professionally written sales scripts, studio recorded voice overs and voice over syncing services.

Why Whiteboard Animation Video Services

At Whiteboard Animation Video Services, we bring you the highest quality whiteboard animation videos at the lowest costs in the Industry because we are able to utilize our network of highly skilled and thoroughly vetted Industry Specific Freelancers. What this means is that your whiteboard animation videos are being done by someone who specializes in whiteboard animation, the scripts are being written by Professional Script Writers and the Voice Overs are being done in studios by Professional Voice Actors. We have found a way to bring you the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost!

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Whiteboard Animation Video Services Advantage
  • Attention: YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the WORLD after Google. Advertising is moving away from written content and the growing focus is on videos and creative video advertising. Attention is moving to online video.
  • Increased Engagement: Studies show that less than 30% of content on any given page is actually read, but the average website visitor will engage with a video for almost 3 minutes! Video captures attention and keeps people engaged.
  • Branding: A professional whiteboard animation video is a great branding tool. Help to reach your customer through engaging advertisements that tap emotional or psychological triggers while portraying your company’s overall message.
  • Convey the Right Message: Have you ever sent a text or email that was not properly received or understood in the tone you intended? Your content is no different, your message can get lost in translation if you’re relying on text alone. A whiteboard animation video is a fluent and engaging pitch that will be understood exactly the way you intended it to be, over and over again.
  • Cheap & Effective Advertising: For WAYYY TO LONG bigger advertising agencies have been taking advantage of both businesses and entrepreneurs alike. We bring the Highest Quality, hand selected freelancers who we have used over and over again to deliver Agency Quality whiteboard animation videos at a fraction of the price.
  • Build Trust: Build trust with your audience by delivering your message in a professional and engaging way. You’re able to SHOW and TELL in a way that builds consumer trust and brand authority.

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