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Animated Marketing Videos

On October 18th 2017 by admin

Animated Marketing Videos: Next Level Video Campaign


Whiteboard Animation Video Services – Animated marketing videos

Animated marketing videos creation is our specialty. Along with whiteboard animation videos, we also offer script writing services and custom voice over services.





There are many different kinds of videos out there. You can make slide show videos, whiteboard animation videos, commercials, live spokesperson videos, live actor scene videos, the options go on and on. When determining the type of video, you want to add to your campaign or for the unique project that you are working on you need to figure your budget, your target market and even the brand message you want to convey to your customers. Of all the options, out there we believe that the best route to go is animated marketing videos.



Why Video Marketing In The First Place?

Name one company right now, that withstood the test of time and made it through generations of changing consumers; AND FAILED to change their marketing to follow suit? You could not think of any could you? Because the wise business owner always adapts to the times. The trends right now are showing that in the next decade or so 80% of the content online will be consumed via video content. So, the wise entrepreneur recognizes this and changes their strategy to adapt. Remember Kodak? They literally invented film! That industry paved the way to today when we now consume most of our content through internet videos! They are the child of film! Kodak failed to stay with the times and today are almost irrelevant in the video industry, and they started it! The lesson here is you must adapt as a business owner or fail, no matter who you are. So, make sure your business gets into the video phase as early adapters and not a late enterant.



Why Animated Marketing Videos?

The animation route on videos offers a number of benefits. For starters ease of creation, they take much less man power and time for your business to produce. Not only are the actors going to take time to prepare but the crews and equipment to produce them will too. With animated marketing videos, you only need to work with a designer. You just need find an animated video service and they creatively design your video with the added charm of animated characters that everyone will trust to represent brand. No time required on your part, now you can spend that extra day or two worrying about more important things like your brand or your marketing strategy.



Videos are another window into your brand don’t forget. Any contact with the outside world is branding your business weather intentional or otherwise. Branding is very visual most of the time, reach out a hand with a video and introduce yourself to the customer. Let them see and experience your brand. Not only will this resonate with them more but the more positive exposure to a brand someone has the more likely they are to refer it to a friend. Even modern technology and changing times have dethroned word of mouth as the best form of marketing. So, let your customer contact be purposeful and designed so you can maximize every opportunity to further your brand.



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The Versatility of Animated Marketing Videos

Not only can you use videos as advertisements but animated videos also work great as content supplements. Did you know that not much more than one quarter of written content is read and understood? If something in your analytics is performing that low you would do something about it, wouldn’t you? Video engagement actually exceeds 2 minutes. You have now just found a sure-fire way to get your customers undivided attention for 2 plus minutes!



With this new-found eternity of attention span, you have plenty of time to craft the perfect sales pitch. The perfect pitch, on repeat in front of your already interested customer undivided attention. What could be more powerful than that!



Animated marketing videos can also be used as instructional videos for your new customers. Do you have a complicated point or product? An animated video can explain in a friendly and understanding manner how it works, what tone you meant it in and what you really mean! Don’t forget that how you say it is way more important than what you say (just ask my wife, she will tell you).



Other options include but are not limited to, webinar introductions, branded video introductions, Corporate branding videos and even product reviews. Use your imagination the options are endless!



Animated Marketing Videos Are Inexpensive To Produce

There is very little overhead in producing animated videos. You need a program and an artist. Whereas other videos need, time put in by your employees, a set or scene, perhaps a studio. The list goes on but you get my point. With less overhead and finding a firm that correctly employs their artists you will see the savings passed on to you. There is no need to pay upwards of $1,000 for a quality video. The most effective and creatively diverse way to employ artists is the use of free lancers. A whiteboard animation service that does this is not only saving on costs but actually giving you access to a wider range of artists talent by not limiting itself to the local talent pool. All of this limits the cost of production which allows them to compete at a low price point, and you the customer bank all the savings.



The Bottom Line

The bottom line is the times are changing and so must we. Animated marketing videos can diversify your approach to any situation, they will be usable into the near future and beyond, they grab attention much more efficiently than written content, they can perfect your sale and they can be done for much cheaper than traditional video marketing. The positives speak for themselves, a well done animated video can take your brand to the next level in an inexpensive and lasting manner. With effective implementation of a quality video marketing strategy and well-made videos the growth you have been looking for is just a click or two away. Come check out Whiteboard Animation Video Services.com today and let us help you get off to the right start.




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