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Animated Whiteboard Video

On October 18th 2017 by admin

Want An Animated Whiteboard Video For Your Home Page?


Whiteboard Animation Video Services – Animated whiteboard video

Creating the animated whiteboard video is our specialty. Along with whiteboard animation video services, we also offer script writing services and custom voice over services.






Then you have come to the right place! Welcome to Whiteboard Animation Video Services.com! There are a TON of great reasons that you should be using a whiteboard animation video for your business and we can help you capitalize on those opportunities in an extremely affordable way.



Change The Greeting Game

Have you ever noticed that brick and mortar businesses with exceptional customer service tend to great the customer at the door and shake their hand, whenever possible? Think about the Wal-Mart greeter or checking into a hotel. That’s because greeting someone with a smile and a hand shake makes them feel welcome and comfortable, it begins the trust building process off on the right foot. Your internet based ebusiness is no different. An animated whiteboard video is your eHandshake! Replace your greeting slider with a video and watch your retention rate rise. Say hello to the customer, tell them what they need to know and what your all about all within that first short window of attention span.



Maximize Your First Sales Opportunity

So, an animated whiteboard video gives your website another dimension with the greeting, great! But you can still take it a step further. In an in-person, business to customer sale, both parties will make small talk and build rapport. There is a conversational aspect of the interaction that needs to happen. No one walks right into a car dealer and says I want that one points, signs and leaves… maybe rich people do, I don’t know. Rapport building is part of the trust building game. Now forget all of that! The internet is a different social world. While shopping online the consumer does not feel the need to get to know and trust their salesman, they want to find exactly what they were looking for and then they’ve got more browsing to do! So, pitch your product or service immediately. Introduce yourself lay that perfect sales pitch every time and design the rest of your site to hook them after the intro.



animated_whiteboard_video animated_whiteboard_video_script_writing animated_whiteboard_video_voice_over



An Animated Whiteboard Video Is A Multi-Purpose Tool

Greeting? Check. Sale Pitch? Check. Posted to home page? Check. The usefulness doesn’t stop there. Your video can now be repurposed all over the internet. Use it as a video Facebook ad. Compared to content ads videos get the most engagement and clicks on Facebook. Use it as an ad on all social media sites and Google AdWords for that matter. Run it as a TV commercial, start a YouTube channel; after all content consumption moves more towards video every year. Don’t let that file sit around and collect dust!



An Animated Whiteboard Video Is An Inexpensive Future Investment

To that same point, the statistics are showing that within ten years around 80% of all content consumed online with be video content. Written content is on the way to a back-seat place to video. Your animation video will be useful into the next wave online. Be an early adapter into YouTube. YouTube is the second most used platform besides Google online. While you are out there with your bad, early adapting self, start a YouTube channel with your videos and learn a new platform! The options are endless.



It seems pretty apparent that video is the future and one of the most engaging forms of content consumption right now. You can do all of the above, on repeat, for years to come, for less than $500 one-time payment with a quality animated video. If you run that video for five years that’s $0.27 a day for all of the above! So, come check us out and let Whiteboard Animation Video Services take your business into the future in an extremely affordable way.



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