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Best Explainer Videos

On October 18th 2017 by admin

5 Ways The Best Explainer Videos Will Help Your Business


Whiteboard Animation Video Services – Best Explainer Videos

Creating the best explainer videos is our specialty. Along with whiteboard animation video services, we also offer script writing services and custom voice over services.






Breaking Down the Stats on Video:

According to B2B Content Engine 90% of information processed by the brain is visual. Visuals are actually processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than reading. No wonder people say pictures are worth a thousand words! We humans have been evolving our brains for hundreds of thousands of years with only our eye and ears to rely on; while written language has only been around with in the last 10,000 or so. So, our brains are essentially programmed to respond to visuals naturally. This knowledge can be used by you to more effectively get your message into the brains of your customers. That Being said according to the Custom Content Counsel 62% of respondents to a survey reported using video in their content marketing. And to top off all of those great stats, 85% of people polled were more likely to buy a product of watching a product video. So now that we have established video is a no brainier let’s get into how they can be used!



The best explainer videos tell a story. They allow you capture the attention of potential customers and introduce them to your company, what you do and how the product you offer will solve all of their problems. Through the use of video, companies can make the most of the 90 second attention span of the average person while they browse through websites.



Here is what you get when you use explainer videos to tell your story:



A Perfect Sales Pitch On Repeat

Ah the art of the sale. Let’s be honest only some of us are salesman, but that shouldn’t stop you from selling like a pro. Likewise, if you are a salesman, you don’t want to focus all of your time on your business selling. With a well-crafted animated video you can take your perfect sales pitch and send it out there to talk to the world. Use your best explainer videos on your home page, YouTube channel, Facebook or Twitter advertisements, even on a sales email. Did you know that there are 3 billion views on YouTube every day? That’s roughly 1/3 of humanity looking at a single platform on a daily basis! Your explainer videos should be on YouTube generation some of that traffic towards your website.




The Best explainer videos offer you another avenue to get your content from your website to other online social platforms. The understandable and comprehensive nature of videos allow them to be shared by others and also by you on a number of platforms and contexts. You can use them on the site, blogs, conferences and other avenues. People who intend to introduce and recommend you to others get to have something that is easy to share about you and your products. Let that word of mouth spread.



best_explainer_video best_explainer_video_script_writing best_explainer_video_voice_over



Return On Investment

A well put explainer video has unlimited potential to achieve the desired benefits for your company. It offers different avenue to measure success and most importantly, it does not cost a lot. Find an experienced firm that specializes in the production of such videos. Once a video has been created, all that remains is strategic promotion and placement. They are easily tracked with analytics of the audience reaction and behavior when seeing the video which allows for easier modification at the lowest possible cost. This is a video that can be re-used and re-purposed yet the initial investment is very low compared to other forms of promotion.



Engagement and Retention

Explainer videos offer a captivating way to tell your story to your audience. Analytics will show that the average person will reads less than 30% of the words on any given page. However, the very same average person will watch a video for almost 3 minutes! This is an incredibly powerful tool to be aware of, why stick to content alone when it is clearly the less effective way. With 3 minutes of engagement opportunity you can tell your customer all they need to be told to see why your product is what they have been looking for.



With the online world obviously moving towards visuals and video over traditional content it seems like a poor business decision to not use video in your marketing strategy. So come on in and check out the best explainer videos right here at www.whiteboardanimationvideoservices.com!



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