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Best Whiteboard Videos

On October 18th 2017 by admin

Whiteboard animation explainer video Services – Best whiteboard videos

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What Type Of Content The Best Whiteboard Videos Have

In the past 4 years, video marketing has grown tremendously with popular sites like YouTube attracting millions of users every day. Whiteboard animation has been incorporated by businesses to help boost sales, provide quality graphics and explain products and services to consumers in a brief and effective way. Whiteboard animation uses drawing, which is considered a great way to make people visualize ideas and connect on an emotional level.



Whiteboard animation is used to communicate to target audiences and sell ideas. A simple video that briefly explains how your product or service fits into your consumers’ lives can really help to boost conversion rates. Here is how to make the best whiteboard videos work for your business.



The Best Whiteboard Videos Keep It Short

Most people will not view an explainer video that is longer than 90 seconds. That’s why you need to aim at keeping the videos very brief and precise. Make sure the beginning of the video is very catchy and use the power of storytelling to evoke an emotional response. You should include the top features, a very brief explanation of your product and some unique selling points that set you apart from the competition.



Make Complex Information Easy To Consume

The best whiteboard animation video will make it easy for viewers to follow through and understand complex information. It’s easy for someone to go through a brief video and when interested, they are then more likely to go for your other videos that have detailed information.



Provide Highly Valuable Information

Use whiteboard animation to present information that is relevant and accurate to your users. There’s no harm in including industry trends, a few recent reports and tricks of the trade in your animated video. Summarize the information in graphs and other elements that makes it easy to digest.



best_whiteboard_videos best_whiteboard_videos_script_writing best_whiteboard_videos_voice_over



Use Motion Graphics On Your Info-graphics

If you have shared info-graphics with your target audience before, consider using the same data and graphics on your animated video. The best whiteboard videos will allow you to present the statistic in a more compelling way. It makes it easier for users to view and interpret data. This kind of interest is what forced people to contact your brand and inquire about the products and services offered.



Use Whiteboard Animation For Training

Since whiteboard videos are designed to deliver information in a memorable and appealing way, you can easily come up with scenario based stories to help people understand a wide range of topics. Develop content that spikes the interest of users.



Show Viewers What Is Possible

Some brands have become very successful at using the best whiteboard videos to give users a perspective of how things could be if they are to make certain social changes. This type of whiteboard explainer video allows users to visualize things that are not a reality yet and take time to change their physical and mental health. Incorporating whiteboard animation in your content offering is one of the best ways to ensure continuous brand awareness. Remember that the videos have to be high quality in terms of voice over and graphics used.



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