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Best Whiteboard Animation Videos

On October 18th 2017 by admin

How To Create The Best Whiteboard Animation Videos


Whiteboard animation explainer video Services – Best whiteboard animation videos

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The best whiteboard animation videos are tough to produce. But the project can be done fast and successfully if you follow a few general rules. Whether you’ve hired a company to do it or you are trying to develop the video yourself, there are a few basics you need to learn about before getting to work.



Start with A Compelling Storyboard

Every whiteboard animation video begins with creative ideas properly presented in a storyboard. You need to be a creative director and come up with a story and highlight exactly how it’s going to unfold. In fact, the process of creating a storyboard is one of the most critical stages for any kind of video production. It’s where you develop the video’s main idea and describe the visual actions in it.



Ensure All The Drawings Are Connected

The best whiteboard animation videos have an uninterrupted drawing story that ensures everything is connected. There shouldn’t be any swapping of cameras or clipping in the video. There needs to be a smooth transition from the previous drawing to the next. That is what makes a good whiteboard animation video.



Use The Background

Most explainer videos are 60-90 seconds long and you need to fit in all of your relevant information into that span. While the characters you create are the center piece the background is a great place to either reinforce the message or add more to what your saying. For example your voice over could say, “we offer additional modifications, color, size, weight, features and more”. Or your voice over can say “We offer even more additional services” while your background displays Customize Your: – Color – Size – Weight – Features – & More!”. A long sentence is now turned into a shorter one while the same message relayed and more information can be relayed within your viewers’ attention span.



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Detailed Graphics

The artist who is developing graphics for the explainer video needs to be very detailed. From the fonts to the styles, shading and other elements. The whiteboard video should incorporate simple yet creative animations. The drawings and characters in the video should be cohesive and add to the same overall message. This will create two different ways in which the customer can digest the information and thus make your message twice as likely to resonate with them.



Lively Characters

The best whiteboard animation videos make sure people relate to the characters by making them come to life. Make the videos more engaging to your viewers by incorporating motion graphic elements such as a friendly face inviting them to try something or a smile associated with your logo. People will feel empathy when the characters look and sound like real human beings. You can easily achieve this with motion graphics couples with a well done voice over.



The Persuasion Of A Storyteller

There’s always a story to tell about any service or product. The story may emerge from a customer need that you have identified and want to resolve or an innovative idea that was discovered to meet certain needs. Great animation videos can tell the brand’s story with ease and in such a way that they keep their viewer’s hooked from start to finish. Choose content that allows your viewer to connect or identify with the characters in your video. The best whiteboard animation videos evoke emotional bonds that help them to gain customers trust and keep it.



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