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Cheap Explainer Videos

On October 18th 2017 by admin

Where To Find Quality Cheap Explainer Videos


Whiteboard animation explainer video Services – Cheap Explainer Videos

Cheap Explainer Videos are our specialty. Along with whiteboard animation explainer video services, we also offer script writing services and custom voice over services.






Ah the age-old dance between cheap and expensive. But does less money always necessitate less quality? At Whiteboard Animation Video Services, we do not believe that price should dictate quality. So, we found a way to bring you the best quality cheap explainer videos possible.



How Inexpensive Meets Quality

The world is a big place with a lot to offer. Economies vary as well as artistic talent. Where a person is from doesn’t necessitate that they are creative or uncreative, right? That being true free-lance talent is the key to bringing quality and affordability together. By opening our door to every whiteboard artist in the world we can bring you quality cheap explainer videos at a fraction of the price of our competition. Just because an artists lives in a firms home city and can be easily locally employed doesn’t make them the right artist for you. The world is a small place these days so why should a firm limit their talent pool like that?



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Can Explainer Videos Be Too Cheap?

There is always such thing as too cheap. Especially when we are talking about your business’ branding. Every contact with the public is building associations with your brand and you don’t want to give off the cheap vibe. You can spend $25 on an explainer video but what kind of quality are you really getting. If someone is willing to give away their talents at that low of a cost, how much effort can they really be putting into it. After all, to make any kind of profit at $25 a video means they will need to be pumping out a lot of videos in a short period of time, now that’s what a cheap explainer video will get you. You want cheap and quality remember. The better talent, then the more an artist cares about and values that art; will make them cost a bit more. However, the quality of the video and the long-time span over which you will use it will pay for itself 100-fold. Considering most firms start out at more than $1,000 for a short video it’s cheap and quality!



Let’s Do The Math

Would you say that you have $2.00/day available in your budget? Let’s say you purchased a premium quality cheap explainer video that cost you $250. That $250 was a one-time payment. If you calculate that into your advertising budget and use the video over let’s say four platforms for five years. That’s $1.80/day per platform to increase your chances of conversion on every sale. That video will pay itself off with only a few sales! $1.80/day in advertising expense is an acceptable risk by any good business person’s terms.



While savings and keeping your bottom line in mind are important be sure to evaluate what cheap will really get you. You don’t want to go too cheap because you sacrificing a lot of quality. And without quality your new video will not yield the results that you want. Conversions and engagement are the end game here remember. Also, do not forget this is your branding we are talking about here. So, check us out. Whiteboard Animation Video Services.com is where cheap explainer videos meet quality explainer videos.



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