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Corporate Whiteboard Video

On October 18th 2017 by admin

5 Pros Of Using A Corporate Whiteboard Video


Whiteboard Animation Video Services – Corporate Whiteboard Video

Corporate Whiteboard Video creation is our specialty. Along with corporate whiteboard videos, we also offer scriptwriting services and custom voice over services.





Is your company having trouble reaching your customers and converting that contact into sales? Are you struggling to decrease your bounce rates? Business owners expend a great deal of their time and energy into answering these questions. Your business is your life line and you need to keep that money rolling in to support your employees and their families; and heck your family! If the methods that you are trying are not giving you the results that you expected, perhaps a corporate whiteboard video is the answer you are looking for. We will give you five fantastic reasons that we think this is exactly what your business needs!



Cost Effective Advertising

You found your way here because you either run your own company or you have an important role in growing the company you work for. That makes you well aware of the cost of advertising. Let’s say you’re putting together a TV commercial or perhaps a YouTube ad. You would need to hire a production company, pay actors, spend hours taking photos of the perfect product picture and paying the photographer to do it, the list goes on. A Corporate Whiteboard Video however, is much less expensive to create and can serve the exact same purpose as a recorded video. Whiteboard Animation Videos present your product or service to your customer in an engaging and unbiased way. People don’t have pre-conceived judgments towards animated characters like they would towards a real person. The video will capture their attention and say what you have to say AND it will be received by an open mind.



A Whiteboard Video Appeals To Shrinking Attention Spans

If your analytics are showing you that the bounce rate on your content is high and you cannot figure out how to fix it, it may actually have nothing to do with the content itself. While good content is important and some people will read it in it, statistics show that well less than half of your content is read by the average person. So, as a savvy business person you know that when your customer’s behavior changes, you need to change your approach to continue to reach your audience. Because of this many marketers are adding explainer videos to supplement their content. Active engagement with videos is nearing three minutes, so why continue to rely on content alone when the more effective method is video?



corporate_whiteboard_video corporate_whiteboard_video_script_writing corporate_whiteboard_video_voice_over



A Corporate Whiteboard Video is usable On Any Platform or Medium

Just like your content, your whiteboard animation video can be repurposed for various different uses. Corporate whiteboard animation videos can be re-purposed for Facebook and various social media ads, how to videos, training videos and more. Talk about versatility!



The Perfect Sales Pitch, Time in, Time Out

As covered in reason # 2 you have just about three minutes of your potential customer attention to sell them. So, write or have a professional write your perfect sales pitch in a whiteboard video! Most people don’t like dealing with a salesman, it’s uncomfortable and you know all they want out of you is that commission. However, no one thinks an animated character wants anything from them. With your ideal sales pitch running on repeat on YouTube, Facebook and your website you can sell anyone and everyone and they will be none the wiser AND much more likely to hear you out.



Corporate Culture Videos

Corporate whiteboard videos are a great way to build your inner brand as well. Many companies out there use training videos with their new employees, create videos for the company Christmas party or even for internal training classes. Your brand starts from the inside out. If your employees aren’t believing in and exemplifying your brand then your strategy has no hope. Upbeat explainer videos are a great place to start building that internal attitude and belief in your brand.



The advantages of using a Corporate Whiteboard Video are obvious. Do not continue to bank on your content to drive sales or conversions, show people what they need to know instead of making them read about it on their own. From the inside of your company to the outside looking in, whiteboard videos are an inexpensive branding tool that are worth their virtual weight in gold. Start sending your message in a way that everyone is listening and add another element to the dream that is your brand.



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