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Explainer Video Companies

On October 18th 2017 by admin

Aspects Of Effective Explainer Video Companies


Whiteboard Animation Video Services – Explainer Video Companies

Creating the explainer video companies is our specialty. Along with whiteboard animation video services, we also offer script writing services and custom voice over services.






When trying to decide which company to hire when creating your explainer videos a few different aspects should be considered. To begin that process, you should first consider what you want out of your video? Why are you creating it? Will this explainer video be a sales pitch? Will it be content supplement? Will it be a used as a TV commercial? The list goes on. Each type of medium for your video will require different things from prospective explainer video companies.



Video As An Advertisement

As you are well aware there are plenty of different stages on which to present your explainer video. YouTube, Facebook Ads etc. If this is your motivation for creating and explainer video then consider this when your searching for explainer videos. The purpose of an ad is to procure a sale, and the creative side of this video is mostly on the company you hire. A company that creates and offers their own script writing is an underestimated advantage by most customers. The whole of a successful ad is in the pitch, i.e. the writing. So, if the potential explainer video companies are making their own scripts you can reasonably assume that they come with a good deal of experience in writing sales pitches. Of course, you can always provide your own sales script but regardless experience is always a plus when choosing a company, and hey maybe they have some great suggestions to help your sale.




Great explainer video firms can help your relevancy by pairing the right voice over with the message you are trying to deliver. You wouldn’t want an Australian male voice over for an ad for a Swedish feminist convention, right? Relatability along with relevancy will put your content explainer video over the top. If the company you are considering offers their own voice overs then they have access to network of professional voice over artists and can select from the best fits. Relevancy is king on the internet, the more relevant something is, will make it fall in the favor of search engines and social media platforms. We do not need to explain why that is important, now do we?



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Great Explainer Video Companies Don’t Time Limit Themselves

While you will see an estimated delivery time for your video once ordered the creative process has no time limit. If the delivery time says 10 days, but the company tells you it may take 13 this is A ok! After all you are buying from them because you want a great video, why force it in a condensed time limit if an extra day or two for your artist will make the video go from ok to great.



Online Presence

Is your potential company easily accessible on all the relevant networks? Do you they have YouTube channel? Are they on the first page of Google and Bing? This will tell you a lot about how progressive they are and if they run by good marketers and business owners. You want a progressive company because markets and industries change all the time. If your usual explainer video companies are failing to get with the times, you are doing yourself and your business a disservice by staying. Work with someone who is ahead of the game, if they are good enough to remain relevant in Google you can bet they are good enough to stay relevant in their industry as well.



You have options when it comes to explainer videos, and as a savvy business owner you will do your research. At the end of the day a great video company will make the process easy on you and will keep its pricing low while not sacrificing on quality. Once you do find you perfect match stick with them! Once their artists get to know your business and your products your future videos will only get better and better each time.



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