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On October 18th 2017 by admin

5 Reasons Why You Need A Website Animation Video


Whiteboard Animation Video Services – Website Animation Video

Website animation video creation is an art. In this post, we’ll explain 5 Reasons Why You Need A Website Animation Video.




You have just started your new business and are looking to market it to your potential customers. You have heard of different tactics that are employed to ensure word about your business reaches the world. One of these ever-emerging avenues is the use of animation videos. A website animation video is a simple illustrative explainer video that tells a story about your brand, product or cause. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use animation videos for your website:



The Perfect Sales Pitch

A website animation video sells your business in seconds, which is the perfect elevator pitch any brand requires. It is important that people are able to understand what your brand is about, and in the shortest time possible. The human mind begins to form associations quickly, as they say first impressions are everything. The more entertaining and informative your pitch, the better placed your brand becomes in the psyche of your audience and potential customers. The key is to ensure you do not bore your audience by giving too much unnecessary information. Keep it short and attention-grabbing.



Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

A marketing campaign contains different components, some of which are audio-visual. It has been shown that animation videos keep visitors on your site for 2 minutes longer than content alone. Considering the average attention span is less than 30 seconds, two minutes of a potential customer’s time is a great deal. When a visitor stays on your site for longer, search engines are able to rank your site better and the end result is that your site becomes more visible. Being more visible means more potential customers can view you, which translates into bigger and better sales.




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Building A Personalized Brand

A website animation video gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience, tell a personal story and show them how your product responds to the problems that they face on a daily basis. Studies show that one of the most effective uses of video is the incorporation of animated characters that are created to mirror the audience, as this way your audience is better able to connect to your message. Relatability is one of the oldest marketing tips in the book and it can be cost-effectively be applied with the use of whiteboard animation videos.



Get Your Prospects & Customers To Take Action

A good explainer video is one that makes customers take action with story build up. It is one thing to sell your brand to potential customers, and another to convince them to actually make that purchase. The good news is that when done correctly, a website animation video will convert your viewers into buyers in no time. It might even be you are trying to convert your viewers into super fans. This is also possible as long as you craft your call to action properly.



Boost Sales

As mentioned above, a well-placed call to action can have a dramatic effect on sales. A website animation video can be a great way to increase sales as customers are more likely to watch a video than read through your content. It saves them the time to read and it also offers a visual element that text and picture just can’t compete with. Videos engage people and when you have their attention it becomes easier to sell things.



If you have a business and a website, now is the right time to start thinking about creating website animation videos and reach out to your customers in a way that they want to listen to.



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