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Whiteboard Animation Video Services

On October 18th 2017 by admin

5 Reasons to Hire Whiteboard Animation Video Services


Whiteboard Animation Video Services – A Whiteboard animation video company

Whiteboard animation video services creation is our specialty. Along with whiteboard animation video services, we also offer script writing services and custom voice over services.






Let’s say you’ve already been sold on the benefits of whiteboard animation videos. They are simple to make and they are an effective sales tactic. They pass across complex messages in a memorable manner. They are also a marketing tool that does not have to cost a fortune. Now that you are firmly convinced that whiteboard videos are exactly what your business needs, you must be wondering how to go about it. While there may be template videos and pre-made animations that you can make use of on your own, the best way to utilize whiteboard animation is through hiring a professional animation company. So, I will give you the top five reasons why you should hire Whiteboard Animation Video services and convince you that you are in the right place for your businesses new video:



Working With Trusted Branding Professionals

An explainer video, or whiteboard video if you like, is one of the first points of contact between your brand and potential customers. Those 90 seconds of video are critical, as they could mean the difference between a mere view and a view that turns into a purchase. It is important that you ensure you do not harm your brand’s image with these critical seconds.We are professional video marketers that have cultivated an exclusive list of the best available free-lance talent. We will use our expertise to match your project with the best possible talent to ensure the highest quality video and voiceovers.



Whiteboard Animation Video Services ensures that you get the perfect animation video that merges a great story line with your great brand. When done correctly by professionals, a whiteboard video can go viral and in the process will lead to many purchases. Your return will be definitely worth the investment.



Low Prices

In today’s day in age we shouldn’t all need to have big marketing budgets to get in and the video marketing revolution. At Whiteboard Animation Video Services we are a completely eBusiness. With no physical location and mobile employees, we can provide quality animated videos at a fraction of the big firm price. By cutting out these expenses and taking advantage of the economies of scale with our free lancers we can compete at the lowest price points in the market and bring superior quality to the lower price point. That’s a less expensive video for you without sacrificing on quality.



Sales Expertise

Not only are we professional video marketers and branders, all of our employees have Fortune 500 sales backgrounds. We will put our expertise and experience to work for you. If it is a product or service that you are trying to sell we can create you a professional sales script designed to inspire a purchase with a smile. You will have a targeted sales pitch with relatable and likable animated characters to flood the internet with, what could be a better small investment than that?




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Saving You Time

While it may be appealing to learn how to use the software and make your own videos! Sounds fun, we know, that’s why we started a business doing it! But it takes time to learn (trust me). Our animators have thousands of hours of combined expertise at creating effective videos. We will get your video done in a few short weeks while you focus on other things such as how and where you are going to implement your new videos.



The Whiteboard Animation Video Services 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With WAVS there is no risk! We have a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE that will ensure you peace of mind with your new purchase. While are prices are lower than any other firm you will find on the market we understand that when starting a business ever cent you spend counts. We know we have been there too! So, rest assured that we will not stop until you are completely satisfied with your new video. We will guarantee that it is money well spent.



We are confident that we offer the best product for the lowest price out there so please shop around and make the most informed decision you can. We are confident you will find us the most affordable. Now five strengths are not all that we offer, there is plenty more where that came from! So, take a look around the site and feel free to ask any questions you may have. We can’t wait to prove to you that we are the right animated video firm for you.



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