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Whiteboard Drawing Video

On October 18th 2017 by admin

A Whiteboard Drawing Video: What Is It & Why Should I Use It?


Whiteboard animation explainer video Services – Whiteboard drawing video

Looking for a whiteboard drawing video? Along with whiteboard animation explainer video services, we also offer script writing services and custom voice over services.






Whiteboard drawing videos are animated videos used to explain your business, advertise, supplement your content, the list goes on. They are an extremely useful tool for any business with a virtual presence. They evoke positive associations with your brand at a budget that you can afford. Furthermore, posts with video will attract up to three times more links than plain text, viewers spend 100% more time on a page with a video and engagement with social media posts is actually increased by almost 40%. So, read on and let us take your through why a drawing video can and will help you with all of the above.



A Unique Form Of Video Marketing

From Bugs Bunny to Family Guy, most people enjoy watching animation. Animation is something that resonates with us and gives us a nostalgic feeling from our childhood. While you do get your outlying curmudgeons that do not like animation, after all we all can’t like everything, animation is a tactic that works. When you apply animation and creativity to your marketing or branding strategy you are already triggering those positive associations with your childhood entertainment.



To that end that also makes animated characters more trust worthy on the whole. Judging people and things are part of human nature, even if your super open-minded studies show that you still have those feelings of judgment you are just choosing to ignore your instinct to judge. Making snap judgments is a left-over survival instinct from when we needed to decide if something was a danger to us or not, without having to get to know it. The same instinct carries over to the modern day. Your customers will build associations with the people you choose to use in your video marketing campaigns but studies will show that an animated character is perceived as far more trust worthy than an actual person. Which bring us to the next point.



whiteboard_drawing_video whiteboard_animation_video_script_writing whiteboard_animation_video_voice_over



A Whiteboard Drawing Video Will Enhance Your Brand

Whiteboard animation videos are a great branding tool. When you don’t have a Coke or Pepsi sized budget to run commercials purely for branding you need to brand in a different way. The use of a whiteboard drawing video is a less expensive and easier alternative to reach your customers sensory inputs and build your perception in their minds than a TV commercial or product placement. Your videos can be used as content supplements, Facebook ads or even YouTube ads. Just because you don’t have the budget to brand on a large scale doesn’t mean you have to miss out on visual branding tools.



Where Do I Get a Whiteboard Drawing Video?

There are a number of firms online that can make a drawing video or video campaign for you. A simple search in the search engine will bring up some good options. Good Whiteboard firms will rank in the search engines, if they are current with their research and marketing they will advertise on social media and you should be able to see ads for them all around the internet. You may be able to find the better firms in relevant social forums as well, savvy marketers will passively advertise their products.



A well placed and well-crafted whiteboard animation video is a must for any business trying to build and brand and advertise. They are easy to find and easy to purchase and can be used over and over again for as long as video marketing is around. Don’t hesitate or you may miss out on this wave of effective brand strategy. Check out our products and drop us a line, we would love to being helping you today!



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