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On October 18th 2017 by admin

Benefits of Using a Whiteboard Marketing Video


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Explainer videos are a trend which has proven successful in a different number of industries. Unlike several other practices, explainer videos have not faded in effectiveness. They also allow for a great deal of originality. There are several benefits of implementing a whiteboard marketing video. Here are some of them:



They Reduce Bounce Rate

One of the many problems for website managers is bounce rate. Having people spending just a couple of seconds on your site and then leaving affects your ranking as well as your conversion rates. Different studies have shown that having explainer video increases the average time spent on the website by at least 2.6 times more. Get a whiteboard marketing video on the best performing pages of your site as well as the home page and the most visited landing pages. The explainer videos will result in a significant reduction on the bounce rate of your site and in turn generating more sales.



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It Helps Attract Mobile Users

Mobile users have been shown to be more engaged by video content compared to their desktop counterparts. From iPhone and iPad users to android users, you get more engagement by having video on your site. You have to harness this opportunity by ensuring the website is optimized for mobile users while the addition of subtitles is also welcome. Why you ask? For example almost 70% of Twitters user are more likely to buy a product when they have watched a video. No one tweets from their desktop, so the more mobile and sharable your videos are, the more likely others will buy them. Think of social media as the aged word of mouth marketing!



Boosts Email Engagement

This is a critical benefit considering the role of email as a marketing channel. Even a small boost in the engagement can have a significant ripple effect on the other important metrics you use to measure your marketing efforts. The main target is to use the whiteboard marketing video to increase the open and click-through rates. You can build on this effectiveness by mentioning the word video in the subject line and having a thumbnail of the video into the mail linking to the video itself. People should click-through to view the video on your website or a third party platform.



It Sticks Into Memory

The main advantage of having an explainer video is that it makes it easy for people to remember your brand and product as well as the major details about them. In terms of staying in the memory of the users, video outperforms just about every other medium and by quite a huge margin. You can take advantage of this by having the video focus on the major aspects you want people to remember and associate with your brand. Important details include your unique value proposition, an irresistible guarantee, an astonishing track record of success and a bold promise to improve clients lives.



These are just some examples of why using an animated marketing video or videos can really benefit your business as a whole; and, we did not even get into the branding opportunity the video can bring! Explainer videos are an effective asset to add to any video marketing arsenal, so come on in and check us out at Whiteboard Animation Video Services we are ready to help your business take the next step in your video marketing campaign at a price your business can afford.




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