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Whiteboard Video Animation

On October 18th 2017 by admin

Top Tips for Whiteboard Video Animation


Whiteboard animation explainer video Services – Whiteboard video animation

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Whiteboard video animation is an explainer video style that consists of using a whiteboard to draw illustrations while following a particular story line. Whiteboard videos are preferred by businesses since they are able to pass across a complex message in a simple way. There are several things that you need to keep in mind when creating the perfect whiteboard animation video.



Create a great script

Every audiovisual production begins with a very important component which is the script. The reason why you make a whiteboard video is that you want to communicate a message. In order for this message to be well communicated, it is important that you put together the perfect script that will clearly pass across the message in an entertaining and informative manner. A good script should be about 240 words long, and this will translate into about 90 seconds of video.



It is necessary that you ensure your video is short enough to hold your viewer’s attention for the duration of its length, but at the same time clearly pass across the necessary message.



Keep it traditional

Whiteboard video animation usually uses the colors black and white. You might be tempted to play around with colors but the downside of this is that you might distract your viewers from the message of the video. If you must make use of color, strategically placed brand colors at two or three intervals should be enough. Otherwise, it is best to stick to the traditional black and white.



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Use Animated Characters

Whiteboard video animation usually contains characters, but not everyone animates these characters. If you are looking to make your video more entertaining and connect to your audience better, animate your characters. Make them look like your audience, have them face the same problems as your audience would and you’ll be well on your way to making a video that will go viral.



Keep The Continuity

In whiteboard video animation, you are telling your story. As such, every illustration has to be linked to your story, and linked to the story line. If your video has too many cuts and swaps, the story line becomes disjointed and the audience will have to follow the story from scratch from too many different points. This is boring and likely to turn your audience’s attention away from you. You are a great business owner, but you can not do everything!on your own



Use Emotive References

Channel your audience’s emotions by referring to the things that mean a lot to them. If you can evoke feelings of nostalgia, love or any powerful emotion, your audience is likely to follow through the video and even respond to your call to action.

Whether you are introducing your company to the world or pitching a product that could change your customers’ lives, an explainer video is a great way to pass across a message in a simple yet memorable way that does not cost a fortune.  If all of the above sounds great to you come check out our 100% satisfaction guarantee for the lowest prices on the market.



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